Hello, my name is Rodney Warren, and I’m so glad that you stopped by!…

I am a serial entrepreneur and family man living in the Okanogan Valley in British Columbia.

I Have a Heart for Entrepreneurs And Health and Wellness for all!

Greetings and Introduction,

    We are happy to celebrate with the whole community the creation of our new company initiative Cannabis Ocean.   Our company is dedicated to enhancing the production potential  and reducing costs for all producers of medical marijuana.

 We are dedicated to enhancing and strengthening the Green Revolution and the comprehensive growth and development of the products and services of this natural healing modality for everyone concerned.

    Plant Based Medicine,Healthy locally grown fruits and vegetables, vegetarian lifestyle alternate Medical Modalities exemplified by the Heal Movie, Herbal-ism Ayurveda and, Homeopathic Medicine approaches are truly contributing to increasing peoples options for Growth and enhanced Quality of Life.

 Legalization of Medical Marijuana Production and In the following year the National Legalization of Medical Marijuana Production and in the following year the National Legalization of Recreational Production is going to bring Cannabis Scientifically Based production out of the shadows to find its legitimate place in the world as a Key practitioner of responsible environmental stewardship and open new Horizons of Growth,  Inspiration and Self Discovery.  

Let us choose to set aside Fear and Embrace a Culture and Community Based on Love, Health and Universal Well Being.