Introducing Cannabis~Ocean

How to Increase Yield, Cut Cost and Grow Chemical Free!?…

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for allowing me a quick moment of your time to introduce myself, my company and how our team can benefit you and your operation.

My name is Rodney Warren and my company is Cannabis~Ocean.

We provide Restructured water units and supplies for the Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana Industry. Our Company operates out of Kelowna, British Columbia Canada.

“We fully realize that if cannabis is to rise out of the shadows to find its legitimate place in the world that the industry supporting it must embrace environmental stewardship. We exist to advance this frontier”.

Cannabis~Ocean Mission statement:

Cannabis~Ocean helps growers to produce the finest medicinal and recreational cannabis in the world.

You will see amazing results immediately from germination through to the finished crop and in all cycles of growth.

We take great pride in assisting you the grower to produce the most environmentally sustainable, eco friendly, superlative cannabis without the use of harmful pesticides or other exogenous chemicals.

We accomplish this with cutting edge proven technology, which is restructured water technology. Our services support all aspects of operational assessment to delivering the best equipment, set up, maintenance and training on uses and protocols of our supplies and equipment to your support staff. We also have in house service technicians to utilize at your beck and call.

Major Benefits to You:

*Cheapest Option

*Saves You Money ~ Buy Less Nutrients

*Completely Non-Toxic

*Leaves No Residue

*Safe For All Growth Phases

*Better for the Environment

*Increase Yield

*Improve Human Health

*Tax Write-Off

*Massive Income/Rebate Potential on patented 8 point Referral program.


After initial set up and purchase costs, You can expect reduced costs of product growth and greater yield. Including tax breaks and hefty 8 point patented rebate program. Also, reduced chemical and nutrient cost thereby positioning your company to be highly competitive in the upcoming explosion in the medicinal and recreational cannabis marketplace.

You Produce the best possible products for the lowest possible price.

*Cannabis~Ocean  enhances the quality and production of great Medical & Recreational Marijuana.

GO Green:

Mite, russet and mold protection controlled totally organically and chem free with our 2.5 and 11.5 ph restructured waters, again saving your pocket book and the environment.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our ionizer/restructured water units come with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty (which can be extended after the 5 years) and offers a full 30 day money back guarantee, ask us for details.


Call Us Today For A FREE Consultation & Water Test!

We will come to you and do a FREE water Quality test whether your on city or well water at a savings to you of $275 right off the bat. We will then assess your operational needs and provide you with a professional written quotation for our services and equipment..

We look forward to building and fostering a long term business relationship and friendship and we look forward to doing business with you!

Best Regards, Rodney Warren CEO Cannabis~Ocean